Friday, January 14, 2011

I find this man a complete inspiration to me. The first time I saw his work was at a bookstore in New Zealand..ofcourse it would have been out much early than when I found it. It was his book called The Satorialist. A collection of all his favourite works. I am a huge follower of his work, constantly checking what he has found on the streets of New York, Stockholm, Italy, now Korea and so forth. Just his words in this short documentary is inspirational.

When he said "It's almost like letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday" - I knew thats what a true artist / photographer is. Someone who sees the small things in big things.


Hitting the world news, is Queenslands floods. To be state, where I grew up. People around Queensland have been evacuated, to only come back to see their homes destroyed; to find out that they have family members or friends missing and even sadly lost their lives.

Its also been hard on people who haven't been affected by the floods yet or never because of the food shortages in the supermarkets - nearly every single supermarket in rural Queensland, Brisbane and Gold Coast are out in fresh vegetables and fruit.

I recently came home to see on television the Brisbane has been flooded - to only think I was working in South Bank a month ago. Let me tell you this; this is a movement that has changed a lot of peoples lives. One that is worth noting - nothing will possibly be the same for these people. Lets just hope that all this horrible events will be finished very soon.

God Bless all those who have lost family, friends, homes, businesses and lets hope that we can bring hope, love and support back. A huge thank-you to all those volunteering their time to help those really in need. Lets all put the state back to where it should be.

Again all my sincerity to all those who are and were affected by this natural disaster.